Our Services

Awaz is a communications and public relations agency whose experience, insights and innovative programs help provide out cleints with strategic thinking and program execution across a complete range of communications services.
Impacting both the perceptions and behaviors of targeted populations, we promote ideas and develop actions enabling you to inform, motivate or influence you audiences.

Strategy & planning

  • Sharing our experience as much as our official and more informal networks, we provide our clients with an in-depth understanding of the targeted populations and the most reliable ways to reach them.Our methodology provides in depth analysis of the target audiences in order to develop efficient messages and concepts determining the riming and type of message to deliver


  • Creative, enthusiastic through highly professional, our audio, video and graphic design teams offer you insight and guidance to shape - together solutions for your communications. media and marketing analysts, concept and scriptwriters, cameramen, video editors. sound engineers, graphic designers. Awaz is a blended team of Afghan and international professionals adapting the latest technologies.